John Anderson, Member Care Operations Manager, (LinkedIn Review)

“Sean is a great guy that is very adept at what he does. He can help folks both physically and mentally to overcome stress and create healthy outcomes. Super guy to work with.”

Chris Chaison, Operations Manager & Consultant Wild Branch Foods in Charlotte, VT (Google Review, 5 stars)

“In 2011-2012 I worked with Sean as my coach to help me articulate and clarify my goals. I am an overachiever who barely makes time for life, and the fun stuff. Over the course of a year, I was able to make some really hard decisions about focus and the overall place i wanted my self employment to take in my life. Through guided exercises, and weekly check-ins i began to see myself more clearly, both positive and negatives, and build upon my strengths while acknowledging and accepting certain limitations i had. After a year I knew myself much better and my business goals were much more on track with my lifestyle, and the net-net was more consistent and effective actions, in both work and play resulting in much happier and self actualized personal life. Sean was great at challenging me, and accepting me for who I was while not allowing my own patterns repeat without acknowledging them, and finding the root behind many of my own decisions. Working with Sean helped me understand my personal life as just as important as my business life and that keeping that in mind creates a more empowered and effective person in my chosen livelihood of building and farming.”

Nicholas Di Ciaccio, MS, Business Intelligence Analyst, (LinkedIn Review)

“Sean helped me during a very stressful time in my life. Working with him felt like being with a warm, caring, long-time friend who you can trust and who always wants the best for you. He was supportive and accepted me for who I was while gently encouraging and challenging me to be the best version of myself. Sean helped me to let go of my victim mentality and to take responsibility for my health and well-being. A major breakthrough was realizing that I had an all-or-nothing/perfectionistic mentality and way of living that got in the way of living a happy and healthy life. I enjoyed working with Sean and appreciate the positive impact he had on my life. I highly recommend working with him.”

Tammy Cornell-Costa, Billing Supervisor, (LinkedIn Review)

“I have had the best experience with Sean. He had been extremely helpful in keeping me focused on the most stressful times in my life. He has been a great help in reminding me that I should matter too. Thank you Sean for being a great supporter when I needed it.”

Joceline A. Boucher, RD, LDN, Registered Dietician & Business Owner, (LinkedIn Review)

“Sean is a talented, dedicated, and a highly experienced Wellness Coach. I was personally trained by Sean and have flourished with his guidance as a coach. Sean has a fantastic ability to uncover contexts of people's behavior and help people understand their barriers in order to overcome them. In addition to his talent, Sean has an enormous amount of experience with all different backgrounds to work with all people regardless of age, gender, or education. His knowledge in nutrition, exercises and smoking cessation is also expansive which allows him to work on many different areas of people's lives. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Sean to help with stress, weight loss, smoking cessation, self management of diabetes, and more!”

Tracy Yemma, Dietician & Sales Leader, (LinkedIn Review)

“I worked with Sean for a year at Steward Healthcare. Sean was an amazing Wellness Coach-very focused on the client; able to help the client identify barriers, break the barriers down to formulate a step by step process to overcome those barriers and achieve the goals determined jointly. He has an amazing way with people and is very ambitious and motivated to help clients succeed. I enjoyed working with Sean and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking results with behavioral change.”

NyCe Burton (Google Review, 5 stars)

“My coaching season with Sean was brilliant. I felt the movement in my mindset by the end of the session. He really takes the time to listen and asks the right questions which allows you to dig deep within yourself. It has definitely given me direction and enabled me to see why I kept getting stuck in the world I am in and why I am not moving. I would highly recommend Sean.”

Kristine Grimm (Google Review, 5 stars)

“Coach Sean is the best! Reading him has changed my life. In an attempt to adapt, a healthier lifestyle, I signed up for a wellness coach, and it has made my life so much more meaningful. After working with Coach Sean, I am better able to communicate and problem-solving, even in a stressful work environment. My outlook on life has changed immensely in a positive way because coach Sean has given me the tools to conquer the challenges of every day life. With his help I am happier in my personal relationships and more content in general. I am thankful for Coach Sean every single day.”

Elizabeth Snellings (Google Review, 5 stars)

“Sean is a great listener. He helped me with many difficult areas in my life (physically and mentally). He suggested ways that I found useful and helped me reach personal goals. He gave me a safe place to voice my concerns with my diabetes and losing weight. Changing my mindset when it came to picking foods to eat. Giving me doable challenges. The best part of our experience was the "Not Judging" and acknowledging me when goals were met or exceeded. I definitely recommend his services.”

Mike Harvey (Google Review, 5 stars)

“I have absolutely loved working with Sean. I sought out coaching because I am an entrepreneur who manages a growing business and therefore I manage a lot of stress. I am also always looking to improve my mental approach to business and life. Working with Sean made a real difference in my approach and has resulted in concrete improvements.

Sean is an exceptional listener. You know when someone isn't really trying to understand your unique set of concerns and issues and is just waiting until you stop talking to dispense their stock responses. In contrast Sean is teasing out the real stuff behind those concerns and helping you see them more clearly. He offers actionable tools and techniques that have made me a better leader of my business and more importantly are making me a happier leader.

I continue to lean on Sean as a clear voice in my life and am very grateful for our work together.”

Michelle Vincent (Google Review, 5 stars)

“I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I signed up for life coaching, but I am so happy I did! With Sean's patient and judgment-free guidance, I was able to identify and work on issues that were keeping me from reaching my goals. I truly feel like he genuinely cares about helping me to make my life better. I would highly recommend Sean for any one looking for a life coach.”

Trina B (Google Review, 5 stars)

“Sean is awesome. He asks the hard questions to help enable me to realize what is going on and to take charge of my life. I used to take work home with me a lot and was constantly looking at the future with worst case scenario in mind. He has helped given me tools to break my cycle and empowered me to look optimistically at the present.”

M.J. Bednarz (Google Review, 5 stars)

“I have worked with previous Wellness Coaches, but Sean really helped me to change the way I approach my daily routines for the better. He helped me to identify my barriers to a healthy lifestyle and gave me great alternatives that were actually achievable. He continually encouraged me even when I felt stuck in old habits and helped me make the right choices. From meal prepping to fitting in exercise in my busy schedule, he truly changed how I prioritize my health. I highly recommend Sean!”

Lynda Torento, BSN, RN (Google Review, 5 stars)

“I have been working with Sean Hayes for a few years now, and I noticed my life change during our first coaching session. Working with Sean has been a tremendous journey. It has given me the opportunity to explore and challenge unhelpful behaviors and distorted thought patterns, and has allowed me to transform the way I perceive myself and the world around me. Our coaching sessions are always productive and, by the end of each session, I always feel greater self-awareness, confidence, and focus. I am a strong advocate that our mindset determines who we become, what we achieve, and our level of happiness and satisfaction with life. Having Sean on my side gives me the support I need to continue to make progress. Through Sean’s coaching, I have learned more about myself and have grown more than I ever thought possible. But most importantly, Sean teaches me the skills I need to coach myself and, for that, I am forever grateful.”

William Miller (Google Review, 5 stars)

“Excellent service! Sean cares about his clients and will work with you hands on to help you achieve your goals. He will help you map out your goals, and advise you every step of the way! Sean is someone I felt very comfortable working with, and I had a great experience as well as a lot of success! I would recommend his service, he is terrific to work with!”

Rita Reeves (Google Review, 5 stars)

“Sean is just AMAZING! He helped me improve my life by keeping me accountable for all my actions ( with my consent of course). Working with him is such a joy and he charges me up with positive energy every time we have a session. Every meeting we have I come in with an “I don’t know what I want” and “I don’t know how I feel” attitude, but he’s able to get that out of me with such ease! I also don’t feel judged when I don’t achieve my weekly goals, as Sean acknowledges that there is something else that we didn’t get to work on yet and that is what’s preventing me from doing my best. I love how he keeps such great notes that not even one little issue would slip through the cracks and not be addressed. He’ll lead you to open your eyes to what’s in front of you that you’re desperately trying to avoid, run away from, ignore, or just not able to see for any reason. He’ll help you understand your actions and yourself. Great professional! Can’t recommend enough!”

Leon Vas (Google Review, 5 stars)

“Sean is a skillful, empathetic, and resourceful trainer who has guided me to perform root cause analysis of my temptations and weaknesses that have restrained me from developing my professional and personal goals. Sean has been masterful in helping me uncover what's below the iceberg and what action steps I could put together to put those strong subconscious forces in the foreground and intentionally interact with them. Thank you for all that you do!”

Jebb G Remelius (Google Review, 5 stars)

“Sean convinced me to look at my role in the situations I found myself in and maybe did not like. He gave me tools to plot my trajectory into spaces I want to go. He is a good listener, and knows how to help you reflect on the ways you are choosing to view the world.”

Diana G (Thumbtack Review, 5 starts)

My young adult son really benefited from working with Sean at a difficult time in his life. Sean provided the structure he needed to put life in perspective, help him identify his own strengths and weaknesses and therefore helped him gain self confidence. He was able to help Harrison prioritize his goals and set strategies and timelines to achieve them. I really see the difference in my son and I’m grateful for Sean’s efforts! He was always available, communicative, and straightforward and his credentials were top notch (I reviewed them). Thank you Sean for taking your work so seriously!!

Maria A (Thumbtack Review, 5 stars)

Having Shawn in my son’s life has been great! As a mother of a teenage boy I had the idea to look for an extra resource to whom he could talk to and find a different way to reach his reality. A coach / mentor in life is a gift I wanted to give to my son. It’s been a positive experience and Sean has shown a great attitude and professionalism respecting boundaries and being an ally.

Yvette S (Thumbtack Review, 5 stars)

I think Sean Hayes is one of the best life coaches out there. He knows exactly what it takes to help someone succeed. I would look no further when hiring a life Coach. He is professional, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable. He worked with my daughter and he made her feel comfortable. I would hire Sean Hayes all over again.

Tiffany D (Thumbtack Review, 5 stars)

I was in an intense depression and felt so discouraged to the point where I felt like I couldn't accomplish any goals in life. I had a life coach in the past, but the teacher suddenly stopped communicating with me. I was hesitant to find another coach, but since I've met with Sean Hayes, he has allowed me to stop thinking negatively, and he gives me tools that positively improves my life. He always makes sure that I am content with each session that we have, and I appreciate his patience and, most importantly, his teaching methods. I'm glad that I have a coach that is always available when I need to get through challenges that arise in my daily life. If you are skeptical about who to pick as a life coach, please choose Sean Hayes; you definitely will not regret it!

Albin A (Thumbtack Review, 5 stars)

I reached out to Sean to have him evaluate areas in my personal and work life in which I needed help. I was stressed with my girlfriend and she was making me miserable. Sean helped me find ways to calm my nerves and focus on my priorities. I also had guidance from him related to work place chemistry and having better interactions with my coworkers. I worked with Sean for 5 or 6 sessions and I do recommend continuing them further. Sean helped me realize the actions I needed to take to find a better and happier self in that short time. The second after our meetings, I would put the resolutions he gave me into effect and I've been great. Definitely an enlightening experience that I recommend for everyone. Sean was incredibly professional, relatable, and kind throughout the entire experience. Whether it's professional, drug use, or personal matters, Sean is more than capable of guiding you.

Marisa A (Thumbtack Review, 5 stars)

Working with Sean changed my life. Through consistent conversations in which he pushed me to go deeper in exploring personality traits that have affected my career and self esteem he helped me find confidence to be who I am, encouraged me to let the world see my “superpowers”, and stop trying to be someone else in the business world. He helped me see that what I bring to the world is special and more than “enough.”

I would recommend this journey to anyone seeking to overcome negative thinking patterns and trying to find acceptance and joy in their professional and personal life.

Honestly, “life changing” is the most accurate word I can use. Sean is the best.

Cheri A (Thumbtack Review, 5 stars)

Sean was amazing and gave me a head start on my new outlook for life! Gave me tools to resist actions that ultimately made me unhappy and feeling disappointed (food and dieting) He helped me change my mindset and to take little steps with goals and not think about the big mountain needed to climb to reach goals. I highly recommend Sean if you need that boost to help you build that motivation and get you moving physically and mindfully!

Tiffani P (Thumbtack Review, 5 stars)

Sean is someone who truly cares about his clients! He is compassionate, understanding, sensitive to what you are going through, relatable, flexible in working with you. He is one person who isn’t just about the money, he truly cares about your growth and well being. It brings him joy to see you succeed. He is not only a coach, but a cheerleader.

Myla M (Thumbtack Review, 5 stars)

Sean is extremely helpful and responsive. I am very impressed by how quickly he responded to all questions and how much care he showed while listening to all concerns. He obviously cares a lot for his clients! 😀

Courtney O (Thumbtack Review, 5 stars)

Sean is an incredible coach! His approach helped me focus on what really needed attention in my life and together we came up with action based goals each week which lead to simple and positive outcomes in all areas of my live. Sean helped me to fully step into being a business owner and navigate the stresses and fears I felt as an entrepreneur with grace and gratitude. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who is motivated and looking for that person that can help coach them to be the best person they can be personally and professionally!

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