About Sean Hayes

My Story

I’ve always been driven with a solid work ethic, and determined to make an impact on the world. Even before my work as a transformational coach, I proudly served hundreds, maybe thousands, as a middle and high school teacher and an outdoor education professional.

I worked hard, was educated, had incredible life experiences, and constantly served the masses.

But I still went home each night feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and somehow never good enough.

But I was determined. I worked more hours, took on more responsibilities, and went back to school again, again, and again.

Somehow… the harder I worked, the result was never raises or promotions, but more work, more hours at the office, and more stress. On top of that was two or more hours of daily commuting, and my remaining time spent being an exhausted dad and husband.

I had no time left to take care of myself. As a result, I developed chronic anxiety, a pattern of self medicating, and flirted with depression. This not only affected my emotional health, but also my physical health. I developed elevated cholesterol, poor digestion, elevated blood sugars, and felt chronically exhausted.

With help from my coach,

I challenged my mindset.

I was giving all my time and energy to my company, and to my family and friends, while my own health suffered.

With this insight and with intentional practice, my health improved over time. My cholesterol decreased, I became significantly less anxious, and now I wake up full of possibility! I have time to exercise, eat right, and charge into the day full of energy, vision and joy!

What if you learned to work smarter, had less stress in your life, and built sustainable routines to maximize your emotional and physical wellness? Some of my clients did exactly that.

James, 37, a project manager, could not set limits at work and often took on projects outside of his job description. He worked 60+ hours per week and had little time for his family. He felt overwhelmed, anxious and powerless.

After only 6 weeks of coaching with me, he let go of his need to control the workflow, felt empowered to delegate to his team, and began saying “no” to projects outside of his position. He began to see himself as a powerful leader and not a “worker bee.” He also felt less anxious, and grateful for spending quality time with his family.

Linda, 62, an informatics manager, worked 12-hour days. She felt overwhelmed and anxious in a never-ending work cycle. She had a pattern of stress eating and had no time for exercise or meal planning.

During our 3 months of working together, she started putting herself first. She left work after her 8-hour shift, began planning balanced meals and snacks, joined a walking group, and challenged her judgmental and bullying thoughts. After 6 months in the coaching partnership, she lost over 25 lbs, is no longer taking anxiety and blood pressure medications, and has received a variety of awards for her leadership.

Maggie, 32, a behavioral health manager, felt overworked and anxious, and relating to her staff was a challenge. She often felt tired from working too many hours, and was losing passion for the work she once loved. She wanted to work out several times per week; however, being a single mom and a full time manager got in the way.

After only two months of working together, she reduced her anxiety by challenging her perfection mindset, trusting in her work, and not over planning. She created a home-based morning workout plan, and took time for breaks and pre-planned meals. To her team, she started showing up as open and warm, and as an authentic resource — rather than a cold boss reporting information and delegating tasks. She also had more energy and joy throughout the work day.


  • Studied Transformational Life Coaching with Accomplishment Coaching, known as “The World’s Finest Coach Training Program,” accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Certified through the Center for Tobacco Treatment Research and Training (University of Massachusetts) in the area of “Basic Skills for Working with Smokers.”
  • Certified “Associate Diabetes Educator” through the American Diabetes Association.
  • MBA through the University of Massachusetts
  • BA from Prescott College in Adventure Education

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